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Jazz Jam!

Hello again 🙂

Fancy another update?!

Well, the other night I performed at another jazz night at the ‘Cafe Bar Marzano’ inside the Norwich Forum (under Pizza Express), which was really fun! I sung ‘Summertime’ (what a classic!), ‘Skinny Love’ (by Bon Iver) and ‘I can’t make you love me’ (by Bonnie Raitt.)

Anyway, all the other musicians were really nice and some of them were flippin’ skilled!

Just in case you were wondering, the jazz jams happen on the first Tuesday night of every month (usually at 8pm), so if you happen to be in Norwich at around that time, feel free to come along 🙂


I just have to say, the Forum really is one hell of a building! The architects must have cleaned up!!! 😛