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Debut Single Release!

  • 17 November
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So many exciting things happening! 😀

1) Firstly, this Sunday (19th), I will be doing a song alongside the wonderful young people at OPENNorwich​ for the Christmas Lights opening in the Castle Mall!
This is between 1 and 2pm if you are in the city! 🙂

2) Next Saturday (25th), I will be releasing my debut single!! 😀
So so excited about this!! 😀

3) And then next Sunday (26th) to top it all off, I am performing at Vin’s Night In – Vin’s Veg Out – HYPE​ Vin’s Veg Out​ at The Hospital Club​ in Covent Garden to celebrate my fabulous friend Tanyalee Davis​’s birthday!!

This is definitely going to be a good one! Vin’s Veg Out always has a really chilled out vibe and you can sit and eat roast dinner while you watch! 🙂
Music is from 2pm! 🙂

You can get tickets here: