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Does this make me look bonkers??:)

  • 10 September
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Quite looking forward to my school extra-curricular music session tomorrow. Though thinking back, I guess last week’s was….*interesting*! A new girl joined our group, having moved from another country so English was still a bit unfamiliar. One of the few times I have ever seen an entire class cringe in unison was when the teacher
asked her “Have. you. heard. of. ‘Pomp. and. Circumstance. March. No.1?'”

Funny, how I used to think that saying things even louder to someone who doesn’t know much English, and probably has no idea what you are talking about would suddenly enlighten them! The only reaction I ever got from doing that was confused faces with imaginary thought bubbles above their heads saying “What on earth is she talking about? Is she completely bonkers?!!” Still, maybe that isn’t too far off the truth after all…!!!