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Musical Daredevil – The 2nd Installment!

  • 31 October
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So, time for the second installment on my adventures on the jazz circuit! As I mentioned in my previous post, I sung at a soul and jazz night in the little cafe bar inside the Forum (in Norwich), called ‘The Cafe Marzano’ on Friday 25th. Yet again it was with a band I had never played with before, which added an extra sense of anticipation I think! 

Anyway, it was a great night – I sung ‘At Last’ again, as well as ‘If I ain’t got you’ by Alicia Keys, and I got a good reaction from the audience which is always encouraging 🙂 On the whole I really enjoyed the performance – there is nothing like performing with a live band – especially when it’s for the first time ever in front of a whole bunch of people!