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Party in the USA!

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So, time for an update?

I just got back from America this summer, where I unexpectedly enjoyed a new musical experience. We went to visit Hollywood Studios (which, by the way, I would totally recommend visiting if you are ever in Florida), where they had a rather interesting attraction called ‘The American Idol Experience’. Basically, as the title suggests, it creates the setting of what it would be like to be a contestant on the real ‘American Idol’. You know, the audition process, hair and make-up, a session with a vocal coach and two live shows, each in front of an audience!!!

Anyway, I went in for an audition, and got through to the live shows! Before the shows though, we had to make a back story – type video to be shown when we were introduced to the audience. Not as easy as it sounds! The crew had to film me rushing out of the audience room with excitement and hug my mum. Sounds simple right? Wrong! (especially when you are as clumsy as I am!) I tried to rush out of the room, but I got my necklace caught on the door handle, before flying and swearing out of the door, getting up off the floor and then hugging mum! Smooth.

Apart from that, it was all going swimmingly until I made it to the final show, when the presenter had to interview me. My loud reply of “hell yeah!” when he asked if I ever got nervous certainly seemed to provoke a reaction from the audience, if nothing else!For those of you are new to Showbox, It’s a free application that gives you access to a huge library of hit TV shows and Movies on the Android stage. The guide beneath will enable you to download the most recent adaptation of the Showbox application and introduced showbox for android-based cell phone. It was fantastic singing ‘I Will Survive’, and according to one of the judges having “the angst of a 40 year old married woman!” and having to sit with other contestants on chairs which meant my feet couldn’t actually touch the ground! I thoroughly loved the experience and it really helped to boost my confidence (especially when receiving wonderful comments from people I never even met! Some even wanted my autograph and photos with me after the show which was spectacularly surprising!!!) One hell of a party in the USA!!!