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Samsung Showcases the Highlights of the Galaxy S6 Edge in 60 Seconds

  • 10 May
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Can you tell people what are your product’s best selling points in just 60 seconds to convince them to buy it? Well, apparently, with the ever shortening attention span of people, that’s what you’ll get to keep their attention. Samsung released another promotional video, this time briefly talking about the features of their Galaxy S6 Edge. Important link. True to its title, S6 in 60, the video keeps to the specified time, while hopefully managing to give enough reasons for people to buy the smartphone by showing off its features.

Galaxy S6 Edge Features & Highlights in 60 Seconds:

Samsung tried, to sum up, the best features of the Galaxy S6 edge into a 60-second ad. Most of them are enabled by the first dual-curved display – People Edge, Edge Lightning, Night Clock, Information Stream – but also both cameras and Samsung’s charging options. The camera also gets a shout-out for a few seconds, highlighting the 16MP main camera and the 5MP front facing one which can give you “well-lit, high definition, wide angled selfies”.

The fast charging capabilities of the S6 edge is also given a few seconds of attention. Whether it’s the wired charging or the wireless charging pad option, it promises to give you faster time to juice up. You can hit the link below to watch the promo video.