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Thank you, Tanyalee!

  • 10 October
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Yesterday I went as part of the ‘Bullying Stinkz’ team to Parkside School in Norwich, to teach the kids the Bullying Stinkz song, ‘GR8 As U R’. As well as some great cameramen to film the whole thing, we also had fabulous comedian, Tanyalee Davis, there for support. She also stayed with us for a couple of nights prior to the event. Well, I have to say, I found her to be utterly inspirational. I really got a feel for the kind of day-to-day difficulties she must have as a little person, and I was completely inspired by her determination and all-round fantastic attitude and positive outlook on life. All I can say is ‘wow.’

If you haven’t heard of Tanyalee Davis, you should definitely check out her website: