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“The adventures of the musical daredevil and the five piece jukebox!”

  • 22 October
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Last night I went to a jazz open mic night at a small pub called ‘The Walnut Tree Shades’. Well, I don’t know about you, but I found the fact that I only had to suggest a jazz standard and a key and the live band could play it immediately rather impressive! I felt like saying “wow! a living jukebox!”, but on further reflection, maybe I fancied making a slightly more chilled out first impression! Anyway, having never met any of the band members before, and us having had absolutely no rehearsals together, we launched into ‘At Last’ by Etta James. Jazz being a little out of my comfort zone, I was in blissful ignorance about when the band members wanted to solo or how we were going to round off the whole thing (not having a plan is very unlike me so I guess I was musically taking a walk on the wild side!), but it did teach me to be a bit more inventive with song structures and think on my feet. I found the experience to be quite daunting, yet also rather exhilarating – like a daredevil skydiving through the air, enjoying the flight but having no clue where they will eventually land!

By the way, in case you are interested, I am jumping into a very similar situation at the little cafe bar inside the Norwich Forum called ‘Marzano’ on Friday (25th October) at 8pm if you fancy coming along! There will be a relatively cheap buffet on the night too, if that helps to entice you! It should be fun 😉