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“Wow! You sound like a black woman!”

  • 04 August
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To celebrate finishing my GCSEs, I ended up signing up to a summer scheme called ‘The National Citizen Service’, which involved two weeks’ residential at an activity centre and Easton College.Anyway, during the second week when we were staying at Easton College, one of the instructors heard from a friend that I love to sing and decided that she wanted to hear me just before curfew. After listening to me for 5 seconds, she summoned the entire staff and students from their rooms at 10 o’clock at night to listen!!!

It was fantastic! People who had never even noticed me before suddenly had some sort of respect or admiration which was a rather strange sensation! And they were all calling out songs for me to sing like I was a jukebox, and one of the staff videoed my performance on their phone!

One guy said “You sound like Whitney Houston! No, you actually do!”

My instructor told me later that another had told him that it was me who was singing and he said “What? Little Ellie?”

But, I think my favourite comment was when a girl came up to me and said “You are amazing! You sound like a black woman!”

As Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston are two of my idols, I consider this a massive compliment!