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  • 06 December
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You will never guess what! Bullying Stinkz was spoken about in Parliament!! YES!

Norwich South MP Simon Wright said: “The best way to deal with any form of bullying is to stop it before it starts. The Bullying Stinkz campaign is excellent because it encourages children to see the positives of diversity and differences between each other from a young age. I strongly commend Jacqueline and Ellie’s work, and there’s a great deal that we can learn from their campaign’s approach. The debate in the House of Commons highlighted MP’s shared commitment to tackling every form of bullying, and I was pleased that the Minister responded positively to the Bullying Stinkz campaign.”

How cool is that??!!!

The Childrens’ Minister also said: “I commend them for their work. It demonstrates that if we have the will and desire to do so, we can effect change right where it matters.”

I am just about speechless!!! :O

The EDP and Evening News did articles on it – check them out below! 😀